With the need for fast and efficient online communication and collaboration solutions more acute than ever, the debate over which of the existing solutions best meet these needs has flared up considerably.

Telegram and Discord are two of the most prominent chat solutions. As such, they are at the center of the great debate about online communication platforms. By focusing on these industry front-runners, are we not looking past solutions that handily surpass both capability- and usability-wise?

But what if the answer between those two its... a third option? So lets also add in the whole comparison process Echofin.

Echofin is a platform focused on the building and development of online financial communities, is purpose-built to address issues online traders find the most pertinent. By addressing these specialized needs, however, Echofin has managed to create an online collaboration environment that is currently second to none feature-, speed-, and capability-wise.

Let us compare Telegram, Discord, and Echofin more closely, but before we do, let us establish what each of these platforms aims to achieve.

· Telegram’s focus is on speed and security. It is keen on not sharing user data with third parties. It is simple, fast, and free. Although it requires its users to provide a phone number, thus compromising their privacy to some degree, its speed is an attribute many people consider by far the most important.

· We can best depict Discord as a modern text and voice chat app. It supports multiple servers and channels, making it easier for users to organize their communication. Discord offers crystal-clear voice communications, but it is system-resource intensive. Aiming to provide to video game streamers, it has made its strengths and weaknesses obvious.

· Echofin is an online communication environment purpose-built to allow its users to create and grow communities by providing high-value services through many integrated features and supported third-party capabilities. Echofin also allows its users to manage the permissions of their community members while monetizing their efforts. It represents, by every measure, the next generation of online communication/collaboration tools.

Knowing the primary purpose of each of these platforms provides valuable context for the detailed comparison we make below. It makes sense to look at the pros and cons of each platform to determine how well they cover the online communication needs of the post-pandemic 21st century.


Telegram is a free platform with its focus on instant messaging, communication, group messaging, and internet calls.

·Telegram allows the sharing of large files including videos, gifs, pictures, and even executable files.

·In addition to encrypted messages, Telegram also supports self-destructing timers and the possibility to delete messages from the chat timeline for good.

· Telegram supports channels for one-way broadcasting.

· The user interface is simple, clean, and highly functional.

· The app allows users to search for YouTube videos, pictures, and gifs through inline bots, without the need to leave the chat.

· Telegram uses high-performance audio codecs for high-quality voice calls.

· The app lets users store an unlimited number of files on the cloud.

· It supports group voice chat as well as video messages.

Discord aims for different objectives, as mentioned, but many of its objectives coincide with Telegram’s.

·Discord comes with a user-friendly, highly functional interface.

·It allows an unlimited number of users.

·Discord does not require software installation, allowing users to invite others via a web link.

·The platform features low-latency VoIP support.

·Discord lets its users thread channels and create bots.

· There are no significant differences between the free and the paid accounts.

· The platform allows the setting and targeting of roles, featuring many controls to this end.

Echofin is a communication platform for financial communities looking to deliver a virtual trading floor experience. And with the option of your own branding, something that neither Telegram or Discord has.

· You can 100% brand your Community, using your own domain or just branding on your landing pages , custom disclaimer, logo and pics on your chatrooms.

· Using roles and permissions you can manage the community easier and users also will have a better experience as well.

· You can assign roles and permissions using Invitation Links and Invitation Automations. This feature will make your day.

· You can easily manage your community with an admin dashboard and learn more about it through the analytics.

·Users can share standardized, pre-structured trading signals post types.  So posting a signal its matter of seconds.

· Chat room owners can monetize their chat rooms directly through the platform, setting up subscription plans, etc. Echofin its an official partner with Stripe.

· Its innovative layout supports a multi-chat room view. Those who do not like the new layout can switch back to legacy view at any time.

· The platform supports low-latency audio and video chat. It allows users to share their screens in real-time. Educators can also hold online classes, delivering knowledge to their followers in real-time.

·Echofin offers great support for third-party widgets and services.

· The platform gives users the chance to share sensitive information, such as passwords, through secret messages. Such messages feature another layer of encryption, on top of the one used for regular messages.

·Group owners can access special pinboards to highlight important messages.

· The platform gives trading team owners full control over how their team members interact. Owners can even disable direct communication between members.


Telegram is not a fully open-source solution and to access it, users need to provide their phone numbers, thus compromising their personal information.

·  Only Telegram’s secret messages enjoy the protection of end-to-end encryption.

· No Branding, No custom disclaimer, No own domain.

· No monetization options.

· No dashboard and No analytics of any kind.

· Difficulty on managing a community with a lot of users.

· Lack of integrated payment system.

· No desktop App.

·  Desktop users do not have access to secret messages.

·  One cannot make Telegram his/her default text messaging app.

Discord uses proprietary software. As such, it is closed-source.

·  User privacy is not the strong suit of Discord. The previous company of the developer dealt with legal problems stemming from its privacy violations.

·  Discord is not a generic communication tool meant to help its users share information in a streamlined and efficient way. It is a tool aimed specifically at gamers, allowing them optimal communication with their team/clan members.

·  Some of the advanced features of the platform are only available via the Nitro subscription.

·  No Branding, No custom disclaimer, No own domain.

· Lack of integrated payment system.

· No monetization options.

Echofin is not a free, generic online chat solution. Instead, it is a super-charged communication solution taking full advantage of modern technology to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its users.

·  The price of the Echofin communication suite ranges from $49 to $499 per month. The available subscription plans are Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

· Having so many features means that there is a learning curve bigger than Telegram and Discord.


·Telegram is a free instant messaging and group chat/call platform focusing on speed and security.

·  Discord offers crystal-clear voice communication to online gamers.

·  Echofin aims for a virtual trading-floor experience, covering all the needs of trading beginners and educators.

·  From the perspective of trading and group communication, Echofin’s capabilities are unparalleled.

If you are looking to put the power of technology to use, improving your trading skills, and turning a profit off the skills of your more experienced peers, Echofin is THE answer. With Echofin you can create a VIP environment for your users and give them an upgraded version of experience.  

Using Discord or Telegram its extremely easy, but its kind of unprofessional, so if you want to create your own brand its not the right tools for you.

Except that its impossible to manage your community if its big in numbers. After Wall Street Bets "ERA" we saw that community management with thousands or even hundreds of users typing at the same moment its only noise.

 And the community manager feels like:

If you are a skilled trader looking to monetize your skills online through a communication platform, Echofin is the optimal answer.

If you are currently using Telegram or Discord to maintain an online trading community, you need to make the switch to Echofin. The difference is staggering. Echofin is a professional tool with capabilities far exceeding those of any generic communication solution or a platform designed to cover other needs.