Creating a team for free requires an invitation code. Check below for details how to obtain one.

1. Log in to the platform here.

If you don't have a user account on Echofin, create one here.


If you haven't yet joined demoteam, click on the + button on the left sidebar and select Join a Team. Type demoteam to find the team and join.

Echofin Platform Interface
Echofin Platform Interface

3. Contact our Concierge Bot.

Find the Concierge Bot from the team directory and send a new Direct Message. Send something like 'I want to create a free team named <yourteamname>'.

4. Tell your friends.

Have 9 more people to send a Direct Message to the Concierge Bot. Send something like '<Username> is creating a team I want to join'.

5. Concierge Bot will send you an invitation

When 10 people in total (including you) commit to join your team, the Concierge Bot will send you the invitation code to create your team.