The premier communication platform for financial teams, Echofin has taken functionality to the extreme. Its features are numerous, and they all fit into the picture perfectly.

Even the most subtle functionalities are the results of proper trader feedback. This keen attention to detail is what makes Echofin the greatest communication solution for traders.

Multiview workspace Multiple Chatrooms

THE Multi-Chatroom VIEW

Most communication apps make no effort to meet the potential of high-resolution wide-screens. Thus, they fail to optimize the available workspace.

Echofin's new layout lets users display several direct and group-message chatrooms, in a column format. This way, all the relevant action is on the screen at the same time. Users are free to arrange and re-arrange the chat panels as they see fit. All they have to do is to drag the panels around.

The advantages of this layout are obvious. Still, it may not suit all display styles. Some users may not like it. Such users are always free to switch back to the classic, maximized view. Switching back and forth is a one-click move.

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signal delivery

Exchanging trading signals is one of the core activities of trading teams. With Echofin, users can share such signals through a few clicks. A special, pre-structured form requires them to fill in variables like:

• Order type
• Entry price
• Stop loss
• Take Profit
• A custom variable

They can also add a comment if they wish before they publish their signal.

Once published, the signal shows up in the timelines of all team members. It stands out among the other messages through its specific visuals. This way, from the inception of a trading signal to its application by other parties, a mere few seconds may pass.

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Pre-structured Signals for Forex, Equities, Options, etc Pre-structured Signals for Forex, Equities, Options, etc
Market Analysis and Insights Market Analysis and Insights

MARKET ANALYSIS and insights

Market analysis is the bread and butter of trading teams. Experts offer up their insights to beginners. Such exercises may result in trading signals or not. Depending on their skill level, team members can deduce their own trades from proper analysis.

With Echofin, experts can insert their analysis through pre-structured forms, such as the ones mentioned. Published market analysis stands out in the chat stream, the same way published trading signals do.

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Team Pinboard
for important messages

A trading team may want to share group-wide messages. In some cases, it would not hurt if there was some way to keep these messages visible at all times. That is what Echofin's Pinboard accomplishes.

Team members can use the Pinboard as a chat window on their multi-view layout. This way, that will have essential information, such as trading signals and already-discussed market analysis, visible at all times.

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Team Pinboard Team Pinboard
User bookmarks

Personal Bookmarks

With Echofin, users get the chance to bookmark messages they deem important. By doing that, they save these messages for future reference. Anything posted in a chatroom can be bookmarked.

Users can even pin their bookmarks to their multi-view layout.

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For providers of trading services/trading team owners, branding is an important way of distinguishing their offer from other trading team chatrooms.

With Echofin, team owners get the chance to customize their team's workspace in several ways. They can lend their chatrooms a unique feel by customizing a few positions of their team's interface.

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Team Branding Team Branded Login Screen
Custom Roles Custom Roles

Assign Custom Roles
to team members

In addition to Administrators, chatroom owners can assign a variety of roles to their users. The possibilities in this regard are limitless.

Hedge fund managers, moderators, and instructors are only a few of these custom roles.

The role of a user will show up next to their name in the chat timeline.

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Custom roles would mean little without an intricate yet highly functional system of permissions.

Team owners can fine-grain these permissions, limiting and granting rights, down to the individual user.

For instance, one may want to limit the right to post signals and market analysis, to Instructors. Access to the Pinboard may also be limited, as well as the ability to upload files and to post encrypted messages.

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Custom Permissions
Secret Messages Secret Messages

Secret Messages

Team members may sometimes want to exchange sensitive information through Echofin. Examples of such information may be passwords to various websites, keys to certain services, etc.

All messages sent through Echofin are SSL-encrypted and securely handled. That said, secret messages benefit from an additional layer of encryption. Here is how it works:

• The user composing the encrypted message sets the encryption key.
• He/she then transmits the secret message. The recipient sees that he/she received a secret message. At the bottom of this message, there is a "Decrypt" option.
• The sender of the message has to communicate the encryption key to the recipient, through an alternative communication channel.
• Once in possession of the key, the recipient decodes the message.

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Embedding WIDGETS into Your Workspace

Displaying information relevant to your trading, directly in your workspace, is a major plus. Echofin supports an impressive range of third-party widgets, which you can add to your chatrooms.

Our curated list includes widgets of several categories, from economic calendars, financial news, web trading platform of your brokerage, IEX real time US Stock quotes, real-time talking Twitter feeds to TradingView charts, YouTube/Wistia video playlists, Zoom Webinars.

Embedding these widgets is simple and quick. Through them, you will be sharing relevant information with your team members within seconds.

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Widgets and Integrations Widgets and Integrations
Disable DMs

Disable Direct Messaging PRO

Why would you want to disable direct messages in a chatroom? There are plenty of good reasons. One such reason is that rogue users infiltrate the premium services and chat rooms of larger trading teams. They then peddle their own services by direct-messaging other users.

Team owners can mute DMs, however, nipping such subversive activity in the bud.

Like permissions, this feature allows team owners to selectively apply the DM silence. For instance, direct-messaging may be rendered impossible between two rank-and-file users. Both users may be allowed to DM instructors/managers though.

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