Use Stripe with Echofin

Build a subscription community on Echofin and accept payments with Stripe.

Fast and Secure payments

With Echofin and Stripe integration, your customer can purchase for their subscription with their prefered credit or debit card, with ease and securely.

You’ll be joining millions of businesses around the world that use Stripe to process hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions each year.

Echofin with Stripe
Echofin with Stripe

Automated Subscription Management

Setting up recurring or one-off subscription plans is made easy with Echofin and Stripe integration. When your customers fail to renew, they are automatically removed from the respective chatroom. We alleviate the entire payment subscription and renewal process for you.

Account Reconciliation

Every Stripe transaction is also available through your Echofin dashboard. Everything is reconciled for your ease.

Just connect your Stripe account and enjoy the benefits from both worlds

Echofin with Stripe

1. Add Stripe to Echofin

Connect your Stripe account to Echofin with just a few clicks. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily create one from within Echofin.

2. Set up billing plans & accept payments

Create billing plans and assign them to Premium Chatrooms within your community.

3. Manage payments

You choose how often payments are deposited into your bank account.

Set up Stripe in minutes and accept payments
for your subscription-only chatrooms.

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