Platform Functionalities and Features

- Standard Features
Multi Chatroom View
Multi Team View
Custom User Roles
Powerfull File Uploader
Team Pinboard
Personal Bookmarks
Add custom Services / HTML Pages
Pre-Structured Signals
Market Analysis and Insights publishing
Markdown Syntax on Messages
File Storage 10GB 100GB 1TB
Password Protected / Secret Messages
Direct Messages
Echofin Meetings
Desktop & Mobile Applications
- Premium Features
Public Chatrooms
Public chatrooms are open for any team user to join.
Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users
Premium Chatrooms
Premium chatrooms are connected with your own Stripe account and billing plans, meaning users will have to pay in order to get access.
7% transaction fee 5% transaction fee 2% transaction fee
Private Chatrooms
Private chatrooms are locked and access is managed by the team owner.
Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users
Branded Login/Registration Pages
Branded Checkout Pages
Available for Premium chatrooms.
Custom Workspace Background
Team Verified Badge
Option to disable DMs between team users
Fine Tuning User Permissions
Whitelist email domain registration
API coming soon coming soon coming soon
Custom Disclaimer
Disable Team Discovery
Join/Create team button is removed from the web workspace (does not apply on desktop and mobile apps).
Custom URL
Support High Priority High Priority Top Priority


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You can test-drive the platform before signing up to a plan, by joining the DEMO TEAM, after you log in to the platform.

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