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Main Watches: $OCGN thinking lower better and rebound on some short cover. Great job on this today 🙂 $PETZ higher better and fade off - thinking today squeezed out all shorts, tomorrow = weak. Failed Follow Through: $SKLZ higher better 945-10AM + trend join if weak. $XRTX higher better and likely more puke. $DBGI nice trade plan today pre market - worked great. Morning shove then looking to fade it back. $NXTD quiet unwinder. $RDBX nice idea - nice idea into close as well played out to a tee like IRNT where it popped RIGHT after the bell then faded off $4/share. Continuation: $PTPI impressive staying power, re loaded the dip today - replaced the sells from yesterday rip into close (as I said kept core) then re sized out of the adds and kept the core. Watching all dips NO CHASING and ideally T+2 or some craziness. $AMPG dips for more ideally - nice so far from swing idea. $CETX same plan weakness is best. $CCNC nice game plan last few days - same as above. $TMC possible trend reversal - could get 20-30% pop and then fade off. $JP buyer in tape today - watch dips tomorrow. $IONQ nice trade plan last week and earlier this week. Still working well. $KULR 🙂 be smart along the way - monster form $2.10 - congrats. $ARAY looking to get involved on dips. $SBET good scoops today - power close $HCTI dips for break out is best - won't chase positioned in today as noted.

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $BBBY crazy AHs likely reactive trade off early pre market leave it ALONE into open and then looking for 945-10AM+ $MARA staying focused here I think we have a big trade coming soon. It does NOT mean BEARISH it has to stay heavy etc could be a lot like OCGN - home run and then it comes all the way back. $OCGN amazing one today but I don't expect that again - that's 2 times now we got a huge huge huge pay out. More it happens more people are prepared. Tomorrow is the big catalyst - be aware. Also they added a conference call on Nov 9th. Failed Follow Through: $GMBL watching - higher better for failed follow through set up. $SBEA ideally shove off open and look for back side. May swap to long bias if it holds trend next few days for T+2 $OLB higher better and looking for $5s - nice reads today hope comments helped $CRTX higher better tomorrow $17 + and fails $NXTD I think will be forgotten looking to fade it like today's home run Continuation: $BTTX watching weak open consolidate and rip r/g $BNGO sold a bunch re loaded the dip and letting it work until it doesn't like GEVO $CCNC notable buyer in tape. $IFRX so far so good from that swing idea $FGF has that 4AM type look to it - maybe a wild print see if it traps into 7AM if not be cautious if it stays heavy.

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$CCNC (+129.1% pre) $KXIN (+70.9% pre)

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