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Main Watches: $OCGN thinking lower better and rebound on some short cover. Great job on this today 🙂 $PETZ higher better and fade off - thinking today squeezed out all shorts, tomorrow = weak. Failed Follow Through: $SKLZ higher better 945-10AM + trend join if weak. $XRTX higher better and likely more puke. $DBGI nice trade plan today pre market - worked great. Morning shove then looking to fade it back. $NXTD quiet unwinder. $RDBX nice idea - nice idea into close as well played out to a tee like IRNT where it popped RIGHT after the bell then faded off $4/share. Continuation: $PTPI impressive staying power, re loaded the dip today - replaced the sells from yesterday rip into close (as I said kept core) then re sized out of the adds and kept the core. Watching all dips NO CHASING and ideally T+2 or some craziness. $AMPG dips for more ideally - nice so far from swing idea. $CETX same plan weakness is best. $CCNC nice game plan last few days - same as above. $TMC possible trend reversal - could get 20-30% pop and then fade off. $JP buyer in tape today - watch dips tomorrow. $IONQ nice trade plan last week and earlier this week. Still working well. $KULR 🙂 be smart along the way - monster form $2.10 - congrats. $ARAY looking to get involved on dips. $SBET good scoops today - power close $HCTI dips for break out is best - won't chase positioned in today as noted.

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $BBBY crazy AHs likely reactive trade off early pre market leave it ALONE into open and then looking for 945-10AM+ $MARA staying focused here I think we have a big trade coming soon. It does NOT mean BEARISH it has to stay heavy etc could be a lot like OCGN - home run and then it comes all the way back. $OCGN amazing one today but I don't expect that again - that's 2 times now we got a huge huge huge pay out. More it happens more people are prepared. Tomorrow is the big catalyst - be aware. Also they added a conference call on Nov 9th. Failed Follow Through: $GMBL watching - higher better for failed follow through set up. $SBEA ideally shove off open and look for back side. May swap to long bias if it holds trend next few days for T+2 $OLB higher better and looking for $5s - nice reads today hope comments helped $CRTX higher better tomorrow $17 + and fails $NXTD I think will be forgotten looking to fade it like today's home run Continuation: $BTTX watching weak open consolidate and rip r/g $BNGO sold a bunch re loaded the dip and letting it work until it doesn't like GEVO $CCNC notable buyer in tape. $IFRX so far so good from that swing idea $FGF has that 4AM type look to it - maybe a wild print see if it traps into 7AM if not be cautious if it stays heavy.

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$CCNC (+129.1% pre) $KXIN (+70.9% pre)

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Founded in 2009, Code Chain New Continent Limited engages in the research, development, and sale of solid waste recycling systems for the mining and industrial sectors, the wholesale and sale of fuel materials, harbor cargo handling services and production and sales of coating materials in the PRC. It provides end-users in these markets with a clean alternative to traditional waste disposal by significantly reducing solid waste discharge into the environment and enabling such users to extract value from valuable metals and other industrial waste materials. Upon completion of Sichuan Wuge Network Games Co., Ltd. ("Wuge"), the Company has also diversified its business. Wuge was established in 2019 and is still in this early developing stage. Wuge produced electronic tokens that combine the five-W elements (when, where, who, why, what), geographic location via the Beidou satellite system and identity information using Code Chain technology. The electronic tokens are unique, tradable, and inheritable digital assets and cannot be tampered. The electronic tokens are based on and stored in the Code Chain system and can be used to monitor and document all kinds of consumer behaviors that involve code-scanning.


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