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Main Watches: $OCGN thinking lower better and rebound on some short cover. Great job on this today 🙂 $PETZ higher better and fade off - thinking today squeezed out all shorts, tomorrow = weak. Failed Follow Through: $SKLZ higher better 945-10AM + trend join if weak. $XRTX higher better and likely more puke. $DBGI nice trade plan today pre market - worked great. Morning shove then looking to fade it back. $NXTD quiet unwinder. $RDBX nice idea - nice idea into close as well played out to a tee like IRNT where it popped RIGHT after the bell then faded off $4/share. Continuation: $PTPI impressive staying power, re loaded the dip today - replaced the sells from yesterday rip into close (as I said kept core) then re sized out of the adds and kept the core. Watching all dips NO CHASING and ideally T+2 or some craziness. $AMPG dips for more ideally - nice so far from swing idea. $CETX same plan weakness is best. $CCNC nice game plan last few days - same as above. $TMC possible trend reversal - could get 20-30% pop and then fade off. $JP buyer in tape today - watch dips tomorrow. $IONQ nice trade plan last week and earlier this week. Still working well. $KULR 🙂 be smart along the way - monster form $2.10 - congrats. $ARAY looking to get involved on dips. $SBET good scoops today - power close $HCTI dips for break out is best - won't chase positioned in today as noted.

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $PETZ $7-10-12-15 we don't know or $5? Crazy action AHs - looking to see how it reacts how it performs pre and will offer some thoughts from there. $OCGN higher better and steady fails IMO remember Nov 9th is next "catalyst" ie: conference call but that's that - what a huge opportunity today hope you all did well. Still have puts on the name. $MARA perma watch as Bitcoin and everything goes nuts should have a daily trade in there. Failed Follow Through: $SKLZ nothing I am bearish on - higher better and back side. Monitoring. Would love a speed up first. $CHGG higher better and back side potential 945-10AM+ $Z complete unwind I need to do better at these 6 month low unwind plays on e/r - morning shove 945-10AM + then looking to fade. Continuation: $PTPI really nice idea today - hope you guys nailed too - solid idea from early good reminders to lock in at the top both times and good scoop ideas on the flushes - great discussion in lounge. Remember when things close SUPER STRONG my conviction of follow through goes down. We want to see weakness and trappy action vs. seeing the trade play out shortly before close. $DM dips vs $8.50 feels like a nice set up - keep in mind only as good as market stays up - can easily reverse. $IVAN same plan as today started in see if it bases $11-11.20 and would add just starter for now. $DNA same plan as I've said many times past few weeks. $AMPG started in swing today $PBYI another day buyer in tape so far so good from big picture idea $HOOD took big picture idea today $CETX looking to get involved on dips - looks like buyer in tape on daily. $GEO so far good from big picture idea yesterday added some today.

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so anyone who watched the tape on CETX

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watchlist: $CETX, $EARS, $NIO, $CAN

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If you ever want to laugh really hard, check out MoxReports report on CETX - https://moxreports.com/cetx/

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Company Information

Cemtrex, Inc. (CETX) is a leading multi-industry technology company that is driving innovation in markets such as Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), and Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision (AI & CV) in a wide range of sectors, including consumer products, industrial manufacturing, digital applications, and intelligent security & surveillance systems.

CEO: Saagar Govil


HQ: 276 Greenpoint Ave. Bld 8 Suite 208 Brooklyn, 11222 New York

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