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@soheil.n #StockTraders.NET

TTM Watchlist: #Watchlist: $CELZ using DPRO yday as guide but its not very clear yet if that is right ticker to replicate $CREX 1.25-1.35 short interest if pushes there, using AVCT as guide $WEAT looking for longs $LAC long interest $LLL /$ DPRO day 2 $CCJ longs

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@soheil.n #StockTraders.NET

IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $GGPI higher better and unwind is ideal. It respected lines REALLY well today so focus in on those. Don't get chopped. Proactive covers - reactive entries. $EVGO higher better and back side is ideal. Nice opportunity today despite the gap down. $QS down some AHs - should be a decent opportunity looking to get the fade back to $35 ideally soon. $LCID likely big trade coming 945-10AM + trend join. Failed Follow Through: $CREX higher better and fade back $RIVN $160-170 + parabolic would be ideal and fade red. $MRAM nice secondary move today feels like shorts are still trapped - let them do what they do don't try to find top. Once people stop caring looking to fade the trade. $NVTS nice today was hopeful for a nice flush but it held on - and very well can keep going. I was prepared for $1-2 flush but it did what it did to hold on and covered into the close. $SAVA same thoughts still think we're heading to lows. Higher better each day for unwind. $OCGN may have a huge puke coming soon. Steady fade. $SKLZ higher for back side. $S higher better for fade. Continuation: $MTTR watch weak opens possible $28-30 + blow off $SGMA taking shape thin float. $EGLX weak open possible break out

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@Math #StockTraders.NET

hehe > @Math said: shorted $CREX once 3.20s soaker cracked

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@Math #StockTraders.NET

shorted $CREX once 3.20s soaker cracked

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@Baljit123 #StockTraders.NET

Alex list MIC NUZE - Looking for a morning pop / rejection of 5.20 / 5.50 lines EVGO - Looking for a potential short 18.20 / 18.50 / 18.80 w/ a 19.25 STOP CREX - Ideally a vwap rejection at the open, if not, I am OK scaling 3.10 / 3.30 / 3.50 with a 3.65 STOP BTB - Ideally 3.60 / 3.80 / 4.00 / 4.20 lines to scale in short w/ 4.55 STOP will add more to the #_watch_list as more come up

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Creative Realities helps clients use the latest omnichannel technologies to inspire better customer experiences. Founded over 15 years ago, CRI designs, develops and deploys consumer experiences for high-end enterprise level networks, and is actively providing recurring SaaS and support services for more than fifteen diverse vertical markets, including but not limited to Automotive, Advertising Networks, Apparel & Accessories, Convenience Stores, Foodservice/QSR, Gaming, Theater, and Stadium Venues. The Company acquired Allure Global Solutions, Inc. in November 2018, expanding the Company's operations to five offices across North Americawith active installations in more than 10 countries.

CEO: Richard Mills


HQ: 13100 Magisterial Dr Ste 100 Louisville, 40223-5185 Kentucky

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