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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $OCGN Nov 3 continues to be catalyst and despite being a great trader today if you didn't take the flushes you probably had an issue. I had some great gains many times but minimized each one by taking 1/2 or 2/3s instead of 100%. Given the close would be prepared for two scenarios: Weak open $13.80-14 area shove vs. $14.20s and fade or ideally gap up shove and failed follow through. It's a TRADER don't look for big picture trade until things settle UNDER prior support look left it helps. $FCEL higher better - should be a great opportunity soon. $PLUG $43-35 blow off is ideal - wild move but we learned last time don't step in front! Failed Follow Through: $BKKT Wanted it long $38 for the squeeze - saw the stuff move very well over $50 and as much as I'd sit here and say I would have been patient etc ... nah I wasn't - unreal unwind. $37 + in AM is ideal then possible fade back off. $BTTX really good discussion today I felt like key areas and levels and WHEN to watch / RECORD if new was spot on w/ the timing for sentiment shift. Great warnings about not fighting front side. I stopped first round and then waited for para and started to get involved. Crazy range. Morning shove and melt back to lows is ideal. That's my THOUGHT it could change based on action. $ABVC big one today nice plan - higher better and more fades back to $3s is ideal. We may have a T+2 opportunity later in week. $VUZI watching for morning shove and fail then break down. Continuation: $IFRX started in swing today when noted. $SABS was looking for other ideas after BTTX and others this one was one of the thinner - pretty nice opportunity AHs and did the fade back quiet ramp back later on move I had wrote. Make a plan and stick to it. If it stays heavy respect it. But easily could have a nice shove if it traps tomorrow. $GEVO mostly out killer idea. Prob be done tomorrow and once again sell soon. $NNDM watching possible long. $BB that set up is big over $11.50 and $12 $PHCF someone been in tape last few days came in a bit today got a lil retailed crowded but then came back AHs we'll see. If it doesn't catch momentum next few days prob best to lock along way.

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watchlist: $ATER, $DATS, $PHCF

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Headquartered in Beijing, China, Puhui Wealth Investment Management Co. is a third-party wealth management service provider focusing on marketing financial products to, and managing funds for, individuals and corporate clients in the PRC. The Company's main operating activities are carried out through Puhui Wealth Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries.


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