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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $BFRI I think unwinds tomorrow - hopefully has a gap up but we'll see. Relatively thin float but feels very long crowded. Kept shorts in all day forced them out at close but not so much a squeeze more so just a big share scalp I think for the float soak team. $F been an okay trader but -- focusing for the next move. I still think we could have a dunk but I am not aggressively biased but what I do think is we have a $2 move close. If that's $18 or $22 we'll see - but I am VERY focused here w/ a plan to be patient w/ whatever move it decides. Failed Follow Through: $OCUP higher better and back side - killer fade on Wednesday probably traded it TOO safe but solid opportunity. Would love another opp for morning shove to fade it off again. If trend firms up over VWAP cautious fighting. $LGVN I think everyone that had size got blown out clean unwind AHs - to me it just seems like someone soaked the float twice and did a big share scalp - if you noticed twice now it peaked at the same $45 range level - always look left. Not an easy trade with all the circuits but should be a clean move if shoves up in the AM likely just fades off through the day. $APVO higher better and failed follow through set ups. $BBY good plan on last scan - worked well. Looking for same - higher better in AM and looking to unwind. Continuation: $AVRO watch if firms up over $5 - had an orphan designation on Wednesday with no PR yet. Moved up some AHs - still long from that dip buy. $TRT nice break out Wednesday - still long here and been adding. Like all of them if it fails to continue I'll size back out ie: PPSI etc. Not everything will work this well but once they stop going up or shoulda gone up or break key support either bail or size out before it becomes an issue. $HCDI so far so good from last Sunday scan. $IMCC nice trend join so far $PME possible trend join - no position yet.

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Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. is a marine services operating company in China. The Company engages in ocean fishing through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Pingtan Fishing primarily engages in ocean fishing with many of our self-owned vessels operating within the Arafura Sea of Indonesia and the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone.


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