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$PTGX nasty

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $PROG gap to the moon is ideal - reactive trade for fade back. $MARA going to be a focus name tomorrow - love the way this is trading and range I think there will be a big trade. More in the morning. $DATS now Twitter is circulating buy out potential etc MSFT this and that - I'm not sure whether to laugh at the people spreading this stuff or laugh at how gullible people are. Keep the pump alive as long as it keeps producing as it has - great opps today. Should provide a big trade again soon. Remember you do not want to be trading expecting same as everyone else if you do -- crowded trades get unwound. Failed Follow Through: $PTGX either a gap and fader or weak open and red/green - could be in continuation section or failed follow through but it'll be a pre market decision. $CCXI same as above. Continuation: $BMRA ideally more follow up press on this thing soon sounded like more was coming - keeping track of it and plan to scale if any when things start to firm up. It very well may fail like RCAT if that's the case I will not be looking to over stay. As noted been selling each rip with a goal to reaccumulate as things progress. $BBIG watching into weeks end for possible rebound trade into catalyst. $AEHR offered nice weak open and I missed it. Waiting/watching for next few days that it fades off.

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DATS - 2 potential trades here. Wait for it to go RED and take a small starter and add to a winner if it bounces and fails. Or wait for a 12.50 / 13.00 push and rejection to attack FLXN - Potential HOT CHICK. ETB. So I will not get in front of this. Maybe a nail and bail trade if it stuffs, but will not even look at it until a death candle. REMEMBER. This is etb! so it can trap and zombie later. Don't stay PTGX - NON NICHE. I will avoid this both long and short VYGR - I see no edge here long or short so will avoid it CEI - Not much meat on the bone anymore. Maybe a short if we bounce 2.00 / 2.20 / 2.40 but I doubt it. Most likely an ignore if it does nothing

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+Initiations 1/6: $ARDX $AYX $DNMR $KDNY $LAZR $NBTX $NLTX $OPEN $PTGX $SCYX $SEIC $SRRK $VINC $VLDR $VSTO $WELL . -Initiations 1/6: $SCCO

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Protagonist Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with multiple peptide-based new chemical entities in different stages of development. Rusfertide (PTG-300) is an injectable hepcidin mimetic in a Phase 2 proof-of-concept clinical trial for polycythemia vera, and a separate Phase 2 clinical study for hereditary hemochromatosis. PN-943 is an orally delivered, gut-restricted alpha-4-beta-7 integrin specific antagonist peptide in a 150 patient Phase 2 study for the potential treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, with ulcerative colitis as the initial targeted indication. PTG-200 is an orally delivered, gut-restricted, interleukin-23 receptor specific antagonist peptide in a Phase 2 clinical trial for Crohn's disease. Two additional second-generation oral interleukin-23 receptor antagonist candidates PN-235 and PN-232, are in early stages of clinical development. The Company has developed a proprietary technology platform to discover and develop novel peptide-based therapeutics to address significant unmet medical needs and transform existing treatment paradigms.


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