Evolve Transition Infrastructure LP

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $CEI had one failed follow through set up but never breached VWAP - the slow steady grind with re checks of prior support levels numerous times can last a long time. The volume is picking back up so this has become less of a social medial hype and at this point shorts letting shorts out letting shorts out letting shorts out creating lots of volume kicking the can down the road while the float is held tightly. We are nearing the speed up move. Ideally we get some sorta $3 gap $3.50-4 parabolic like SNDL way back when. Pretty impressive so far. $MMAT has a vote tomorrow not sure what time but I'll check in the morning -- but may be a trade surrounding that. Failed Follow Through: $MRIN higher better and fails $RCAT faded AHs but ideally pushes back up on $3.50+ then failed follow through $DATS keeps getting saved but it offered some nice trades today. If you are looking for the unwind trade don't bother. Trade trend or leave it alone. At some point CEI DATS etc will have a reset day but that's not to anticipate -- that's for after trends break. $ATUS morning shove 945-10AM + looking to fade maybe sub 18s Continuation: Been spreading IRA out a lot lately - had some fire sales and then re joined bunch of names but likely have another fire sale soon. Lots of swings working but also don't want to get sloppy just throwing $$ at names. The BBIG trade this AM worked out well from continuation idea on Friday but throwing it too fast at subpar trades easy to give back $ quick. Lots in the LCID basket XL RMO VLDR FSR LAZR etc all worked well - that event is tomorrow so could be volatility in the space. TSLA insane SOLO etc. $MDIA letting some work until it doesn't - nice grind today didn't trust much size since no vol. $JSPR if I didn't sell some into the break out on Friday I'd be down about .50-.70/share or so on this trade I was up about $3/share going into weekend but it came back in today - still sorta part of the plan tho, not the volume today liquidity trap etc. I did sell some into power on Friday and my goal is only weakness only flushes if this starts to hold oddly well again or get a PR it's set up perfect for what we've seen lately. So, we'll see. One thing is for sure - if you chased it for whatever reason make sure your risk is in check and don't do anything silly as my plan was accumulation on weakness when no one wants it -- not into power or strength. $NAKD big one -- I prob sold too much worked pretty perfect sold a bit more over .90s and have a bit left. Prob won't last too much longer unless we get a reset day and it stays firm after that. Nice job all. $LICY just letting it work until fails Barron's helping this along. $HUSA so far so good $LXRX like this chart - no position. $MOXC started in some long today had some calls worth eyeing. $SNMP finally over that $1.20 worthy eye at this point - added some today. $ACHV trimmed some today from last weeks snag. $EBET joined trend today maybe gets a circuit style move in coming days reminds me of EEIQ $LPTX started in from the Sunday night game plan $3.4x's and some adds.

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$SNMP on any pops

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$SNMP interesting but it needs to get out of grind mode

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watchlist: ss: $HOFV, $SNMP, $CSCW, $APTO...bounce: $UPST, $FREQ

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covered SNMP

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evolve transition infrastructure lp (nyse american: snmp) is a publicly-traded limited partnership formed in 2005 focused on the acquisition, development and ownership of infrastructure critical to the transition of energy supply to lower carbon sources. we own natural gas gathering systems, pipelines, and processing facilities in south texas and continue to pursue energy transition infrastructure opportunities. posts do not incorporate all of evolve's press releases. for a complete listing, please visit: https://evolvetransition.gcs-web.com/news-releases

CEO: Gerald Willinger


HQ: 1360 Post Oak Blvd Houston, 77056 Texas

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