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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $BFRI I think unwinds tomorrow - hopefully has a gap up but we'll see. Relatively thin float but feels very long crowded. Kept shorts in all day forced them out at close but not so much a squeeze more so just a big share scalp I think for the float soak team. $F been an okay trader but -- focusing for the next move. I still think we could have a dunk but I am not aggressively biased but what I do think is we have a $2 move close. If that's $18 or $22 we'll see - but I am VERY focused here w/ a plan to be patient w/ whatever move it decides. Failed Follow Through: $OCUP higher better and back side - killer fade on Wednesday probably traded it TOO safe but solid opportunity. Would love another opp for morning shove to fade it off again. If trend firms up over VWAP cautious fighting. $LGVN I think everyone that had size got blown out clean unwind AHs - to me it just seems like someone soaked the float twice and did a big share scalp - if you noticed twice now it peaked at the same $45 range level - always look left. Not an easy trade with all the circuits but should be a clean move if shoves up in the AM likely just fades off through the day. $APVO higher better and failed follow through set ups. $BBY good plan on last scan - worked well. Looking for same - higher better in AM and looking to unwind. Continuation: $AVRO watch if firms up over $5 - had an orphan designation on Wednesday with no PR yet. Moved up some AHs - still long from that dip buy. $TRT nice break out Wednesday - still long here and been adding. Like all of them if it fails to continue I'll size back out ie: PPSI etc. Not everything will work this well but once they stop going up or shoulda gone up or break key support either bail or size out before it becomes an issue. $HCDI so far so good from last Sunday scan. $IMCC nice trend join so far $PME possible trend join - no position yet.

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $LCID Looking for a gap down ideally and then possible rally back vs. today's lows. We'll see though - let's see what we have in the morning that's what it's all about right now. No sense over planning. Solid prep on broadcast. $LGVN literally the perfect trap. I held some over long - closed towards lows turned up then re trapped sub $9 before the power close. Volume today was silly - if it is 3 mil float or 10 mil same difference to me right now on front side. If it's 3 mil then hell could go $15-20 + we'll see. Thing about this and understanding it is grasping the fact that there is a $10 cost basis for these folks who were part of the IPO. It gapped up they churned huge volume and there was plenty of borrows here. There is a good chance more than the float is lent out at levels UNDER recent chart support (before it recently cracked a month + back). People short based off the move, off the % etc and with a weak close like that - perfect trap. Great levels today and great discussions. I'm sure everyone stayed safe if you didn't you literally ignored every warning and probably needed to get smoked to understand the market is always right, respect it. $RBLX monster trade today - thinking $3-5 + and then fade off or weak open $3-5 and rally. $M $37.20 key - was really hopeful for the fail trade today to fade off but pretty clean - VWAP soaked and $37.20 level given reclaimed each time. Failed Follow Through: $F watch w/ rest of sector feel like we have a $2 fade day in the coming weeks $QS same goal - great thoughts today from scan yesterday - same deal higher better and unwind $JWEL feels like one of those China scams setting up - floating up on air - will wait for the circuit halt down type day and/or any other confirm but definitely stalking it. $IONQ higher better and possible fade back to mid $20s - monster trade today great prep on broadcast! Continuation: $TRT same thoughts - if you chase it you're asking for it. Only interested weak opens r/g letting winner work until it doesn't. $RETO so far so good from swing idea - again remember risk is high if it cracks be cautious but big move so far. $PPSI same thoughts

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $IONQ 50% the last two days monster move - shorts got twisted. Remember front side = thin. Reactive trades = PROACTIVE covers until things settle down and sell side is confirmed ie: LCID today RIVN etc. So, if I short a parabolic and it flushes I will be covering into flushes like RBLX today until it gets HEAVY and confirms. We may still be going $35 + at this rate. Shorts feel incredibly caught. $LCID floated down AHs I am hopeful for $52 + tomorrow then fade off if not - watch $50 open and flush to $45-47 range and could get a solid rebound too. $GGPI thinking this could fill gap if LCID doesn't ramp back and hold - that said over $14.20s if it continues to defend - behave! $GOEV killer today from pre market awesome job. Higher better tomorrow and then maybe into singles. Failed Follow Through: $RIVN higher better and sub $130s $RBLX nice one today looking to join failed follow through $QS nice seller present higher better for back side Continuation: $EYPT feels like shorts twisted - dips vs $17.50s $TRT same deal - any big break outs = sell any flushes = scoop for me as long as over all trend holds. Don't chase break out you'll be buying smart $ sells. $RETO weak open for break out again - those bids soaked and refreshed. $PPSI same thing - figured $8.50-9s on scan last night I do think shorts are trapped still but if it keeps failing it keeps failing respect it. If you are chasing a break out you're asking for it. $SPI watch dips tomorrow vs. $7 I sized out of most but will re scale if it holds well. $SABS impressive move today feels like shorts twisted on low volume. $KZR nice one today opened up huge after the circuit for the exit will look to re scoop all dips vs $12

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $LCID ideally $62-65 + parabolic -- just some thoughts based off the comments in room today. I feel like most post were very micro focused. Zoom out and look at macro levels - there is NO rush when stocks trend like this. Heck I may put a few on starters here and there to get a vibe but if you're looking for the .20-.50 trade on $10 range forget it. Reactive trade off open and then look 945-10AM + for more clarity. $RIVN I don't know if it's fueling LCID or LCID fueling it etc but we'll see ideally gap up rush on $200 and then an opp one day at a time no sense making a plan tonight. $GOEV big move AHs - nice from MaxAlgo all day went nuts AHs. Should be a nice fade opportunity soon. $GGPI trappy as hell but thick when it wants to be - most important to be covering on flushes - its hard though I've minimized this trade numerous times. So far it's held all the key levels needed. Watch w/ the rest of the sector. Failed Follow Through: $PTON higher better and looking for failed follow through. $RBLX nice opp today - great scale. Had a feeler on to focus got the trade after the candles noted nice flush to VWAP - a great example of not trying for a home run - just take the move and move on. $QS higher better and more fails would be ideal. Nice game plan today on broadcast. Continuation: $SPI huge rocket AHs on the swing trade - hit $8 - awesome 🙂 $PPSI I don't want to get overly bullish but just has that feeling that shorts may have been trapped again. Right space right now if it starts to get rollin' again over $8.50-9 I may give it a go and close my eyes. $RETO possible continuation tomorrow - chart is huge so if it stops squeezing up please realize chart is huge. I'd be looking to fade it but felt like there was a steady buyer in there all day very well can keep grinding. Had a little action AHs but nothing that turned into much. $TRT keeps holding on - tiny market cap. Watch all dips.

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