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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $DWAC went mid 70s AHs - I think this will have an opportunity off the open and then maybe later on I may trade it but we'll see it MAY be an avoid. As you saw today I said no edge a lot - same in lounge lots anticipating next direction the only time I felt there was edge was either after a stuff move or late day that flush into close as I wrote out for long. Otherwise quite honestly you're putting hard earned $$ after 50/50 chance. Not for me. $MARA nice entry again today - higher better watch with BTC I'm not opposed to going long in fact it's had some pretty nice rebounds but BTC would have to agree. For now I'm looking to fade the trend until crypto rebounds. $PHUN absolutely insane after hours - insane insane. Nearly $3 be careful having a crazy bias one way or other. I'd be prepared for short side if it gaps up and has a parabolic or like DWAC today if it gaps up and fades into 7-8AM + could be setting up a steady trap and I'd look for flushes vs. support for a long. Failed Follow Through: $BBIG looking for similar today +.20 gap then unwind would be ideal. Steady unwind here post all catalyst. $FCEL watch with PLUG they trade in tandem - looking left levels has worked extremely well. $8.80-8.90s has been the exhaustion spot I wish I spent a bit more time with it today pretty clean fade. $JRJC good one today ideally another shove then likely fades back - gap fill is nice but felt super forced today. Morning gap and possible fade back sub $8 $XYF higher better and fade again - nice one from scan last night. Continuation: $EAR took a few today just looking for a bit of continuation and moving on - nothing I'm crazy excited about but nice idea. Didn't position enough. $DIDI no position watching dips for possible break out. $WTRH weak open for break out $2 + is possible given this set up. $CNTX good volume today watch all dips if $5.50-5.80s flush & catch would suggest over all trend is intact.

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X Financial (the 'Company') is a leading technology-driven personal finance company in Chinafocused on meeting the huge demand for credit from individuals and small-to-medium-sized enterprise owners. The Company's proprietary big data-driven risk control system, WinSAFE, builds risk profiles of prospective borrowers using a variety data-driven credit assessment methodology to accurately evaluate a borrower's value, payment capability, payment attitude and overall creditworthiness. X Financial has established a strategic partnership with ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. in multiple areas of its business operations to directly complement its cutting-edge risk management and credit assessment capabilities. ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. provides credit insurance on X Financial's investment products which significantly enhances investor confidence and allows the Company to attract a diversified and low-cost funding base from individuals, enterprises and financial institutions to support its growth. X Financial leverages financial technology to provide convenient, efficient, and secure investment services to a wide range of high-quality borrowers and mass affluent investors which complements traditional financial institutions and helps to promote the development of inclusive finance in China.


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