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Be sure to check out Fei's Video Study Guide in the Video Library to shorten your learning curve!! >> https://myinvestingclub.com/videos/ << Please DM @TBradley90 if you would like to upgrade to Annual or Lifetime! BMRA - HOT CHICK of the day. Avoiding this on the short side for now. It is also ETB which means it can zombie later DATS - Sympathy to CEI. Wide range so use LESS SIZE! Either a 14.20 / 14.50 rejection to short or short on red for a nail and bail CEI - With volume dropping I think the top is in and it will slowly grind lower. Ideally scaling in every 10 cents starting from 3.70/ 3.80 / 3.90 / 4.00 / 4.10 AVIR - NON NICHE AVOID FAMI - NON NICHE AVOID PETZ - May be pumped later. Keeping it on side watch PALT - This is an odd one. I dont really like it as I think it can trap like yesterday but maybe a major pop to 13 to short for a nail and bail -- The JumpStart Accelerator Course Is Now AVAILABLE!!!: https://myinvestingclub.com/jumpstart/

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IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $CEI solid action today - pressure into the after hours session and IMO lots of exits into close (covers) for fear of another AHs type of move. Likelihood of a gap down is real and the only thing that would be a buzz kill off open tomorrow is a flush -10% to trigger the damn SSR again and then consolidate it through the day. There is too much volume to just "die" and that's that - it's not that kind of play. This will take time to fail - the reason it's here is b/c everyone wants it to fail. Trade it - or forget it. If you stay and pray you're going to get beat. Each day this week they've respected the levels to a tee. If it doesn't consolidate sideways through the day after triggering SSR and stays heavy it can fade off $2.60-2.80s slowly. $PALT big one today - I started in some, stopped before it became an issue we got that big gap and I scaled scaled scaled for a nice unwind. That was the main focus for me - clean fader off the PR which by the way was something we used to see in OTC companies "We got a new PR firm" this should continued to unwind likely gaps down but today was just a bunch of buy ins. $DATS got pumped AHs as if the Form 4s were insider buys meanwhile they are grants etc. Killer trader today love how it's trading in tandem with CEI makes the trade much easier. Again as reminded today if you're trading it and it flushes - don't try to be a hero and fade it the entire day. Take advantage of the range and move on. Failed Follow Through: $BBBY morning shove and looking for pressure to join 945-10AM+ $PLTR nice one today 945-10AM + trend join - I have it under failed follow through b/c I do think we could see a gap and fade but if we start to see a trend hold vs. VWAP I'd consider a long. Continuation: $BBIG nice idea on scan last night - load zone for me was $5.80-6s I did not expect it to rip as far as it did today so I sold some around the core. Same thought process as scan last night. $LPTX so far so good - been adding dips I won't chase this - easily can just come right back in I'd rather see it get away from $4s now and build a new base before scaling up. $JSPR nice rip back today - that bag was getting heavy. I didn't sell it b/c I had sold some at $15s + from the $12s accumulation then I woke up with a GREE home run yesterday so I let it go, then I woke up with FAMI home run this AM so I let it go meanwhile JPSR just down down down taking those gains away - got a bit of a footing today went back to flat on it before fading off some. We'll see. My plan wasn't to marry it. Still a bag but less of a bag down a buck. $RCAT liquidity trap potential if we get a PR or $3.80s start to base we could have a wild move $3.50s really the key level for risk. I bought today was looking to really scale up if it set up but unfortunately didn't. Sold my day trades but kept the early snag as a big picture and to remember -- will scale if trend holds. $FAMI big way to wake up today sold 3/4 over .50 then it flushed sold rest then it came back over -- held well I bought small at close in case .03-.05 gap up then thinking it's done. Nothing to over stay. Nice one today. $DOGZ dips keep getting soaked. Still cautiously interested.

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$fami 1billion traded wow

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penny stock sympathy > @Gary19 said: sympathy from penny stock like $cei $fami etc

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sympathy from penny stock like $cei $fami etc

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GM All..i will be away for most of the day. Good luck all!!! IU Watchlist: Main Watches: $CEI nice rally AHs happy to see this - I felt like we'd probably see it fade off since it had a relatively strong close figured mostly covers etc and settle off but everyone suggesting dip was related to 'fake offering' which again it's creating the narrative. 1 billion volume = real market, real action, real liquidity. We may start to see this trade a lot thinner in coming days b/c shares are getting so spread out. What I'd be prepared for? Ideally gap, fade fade fade trap and squeeze out $4.50-4.70s + then slow fade off after a kill candle. Otherwise watch for sideways consolidate flush, watch for them to catch it and if it flushes again and swipes back up in the same candle we may have a nice trap on our hands. This action reminds me a lot of AMC traps pre market where they let shorts in, let them walk it down, let them feel good and then turn on the jets. Draw lines on your chart - even todays lows look left - you'll see it was the support level. $DATS trade w/ CEI - they are 100% unrelated but just many of the same share holders. When one has panic so does the other. Sick job today on this one. Failed Follow Through: $MMAT looking for a set up like today - higher better possible quiet lean - pick your spots pick your risk and don't fight trend. $EDIT nice one today I'd love to see $44 + and then fade off $MRIN morning shove and fails is ideal. Continuation: $FAMI 2 days ago this had a HUGE move 5AM + then faded off then obviously today either we are going to open and be .40-.50 or open .35s range IMO and not do much either way I won't be looking to over stay on this trash but did buy that flush I noted today. $LICY so far working well but I keep selling too much and downsizing swings trying to keep things in check w/o too much whipsaw -- so this one unfortunately not many left. $GOGO watching for 945-10AM + trend join $BBIG put on a starter today going to watch dips next week for a move into Oct 14-15th will start to position if dips stay firm over the next few days - not looking to add add add and make a bag just starting in and looking for support to confirm - ideally $5.80-6 range bases for starting in. $DOGZ still swinging - see if it picks up vol to add.

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hmm, $FAMI is a potential $CEI 2.0!?

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cei family left and joined fami haha > @Navneet said: $fami 🚀

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other than FAMI

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$FAMI & $CYRn thery are going for all the under a $1 names

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Headquartered in Lishui, Zhejiang, Farmmi, Inc., is a leading agricultural products supplier, processor and retailer of Shiitake mushrooms, Mu Er mushrooms and other edible fungi.


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